{ Fluff & Logic }

Hello. My name is Sherif.

By day, I’m a UX geek with a passion for all aspects of UX including ideation/concepting (wireframing, storyboarding), visual/graphics design, front end development, and usability testing

I spoke at Big D 2013 on Mobile First-ish Design I wrote a tool called BFF (barebones functional framework) for UX professionals wireframing in HTML in a Lean UX/Agile environment (this very website was protoyped using BFF) I presented at Refresh Dallas about the League of Extraordinary Front End Dev Tools
Here's my approach to UX

By night, I’m a budding storyteller writing sci fi short stories, and concept artist illustrating those stories with pen, marker and paint.

I’m slowly working through a couple of stories, Jade Moon and The Millenium War. When I'm not writing, I'm creating concept art and paintings to illustrate my stories or stories for other sci fi writers.
Here are some of my projects